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FBI Tracker Novel, Book 3

About the Book

Each of the FBI Tracker Novels is a stand-alone, not a series. Though it will add to your reading enjoyment to start with the first one.


"I wasn’t quite ready for the dizzying speed when the storyline took off and the action didn’t stop. I loved it!"

What links the two largest Texas Universities to the disappearance of Laredo ATF agent, Stuart Dyson? When the investigation stalls, FBI Tracker Adrian Dillard is sent to Texas, and he's not greeted with open arms.

Plagued by resentment from local agents, his uncanny intuition kicks into high gear when every lead ends with a dead body. Who knows more than they are telling? Is the missing agent an unwitting victim, or a deadly mastermind? And who is staying a step ahead of him?

Dyson's fiancée, Homicide Detective Tracy Harlowe, may have the answers, but she's not talking. The secrets the impetuous detective is hiding could very well get her killed.

A chilling discovery puts Homeland Security on high alert. Pressure mounts as the President demands answers. When Tracy disappears, Adrian knows he's running out of time. There's only one question left. Who dies next?

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