Who am I?

I'm a Texas-based, retired police officer who discovered the joy of writing novels. Writing has changed my perspective of the world around me. Events, people, and places are potential fodder for a new story, character, or location.


My novels are paranormal crime thrillers. As a reader, I have always been intrigued with characters who have an extra edge for overcoming danger and adversity. I use my infatuation with ancient myths and legends of Native American Indians, Scottish and Irish folklore to create the paranormal ability for many of my characters.


Writing a novel was only my first step. Publishing was a new and challenging endeavor which turned into another career. I have often compared writing and publishing to dating and marriage. Writing is the dating where you explore new experiences and emotions. Publishing is the marriage where the hard work begins. So much so, I branched out and started working with other authors to help them turn their manuscripts into published books.


In a recent interview, I was asked how much of me was in my books. My answer: “Oh, my, God! A whole lot.” Incidents and characters are based on my extensive law enforcement knowledge and experience, starting with the serial killer in my debut novel: Sentinels of the Night. Twenty-two years with the Dallas Police Department has provided an unending source for my plots.

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Anita Dickason

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