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Incredible Depth and Compassion! Crooked Grow the Trees is a compelling read. The well-developed characters and plot portray the realism of the dysfunctional lives of troubled boys in a detention center, and within Sophie and her family. I felt as if I might have met one of the boys in my days as a police officer. The cover and title are a haunting reflection of today’s society. And, the storyline is more real than most people would know.


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  • Anita Dickason

I'm so excited about the new look for my website. The changes reflect the goals I set myself this year. One of which was book reviews. So many Indie authors have a great book but don't get noticed. I set up a review policy and started putting out the word on social media that I was On The Hunt for books to review. The response evolved into my Gallery of Stars page for books with a four or five-star rating. What fun!! And with the help of fellow author, MJ Miller, I now have a video gallery for my book trailers. I'm adding new articles from On The Hunt to find the who, what, why, where, and how for topics about writing and publishing. There's something for everyone. I hope you will stop by and visit.


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