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Deadly Business



"Here are all the adjectives I can think of to describe the novel without spoiling anything:
Heart-pounding action
Attention grabbing
Ms. Dickason's excellent writing had me powering through the chapters, wanting to know what would happen next. The cattle ranching facts fit into the plot right along with the solving the different crimes, included attempted murder."

About the Book

Gripping Texas Escapist Thriller Spirals to a Riveting Conclusion!

Following a tactical raid at an Oklahoma farm, a phone call sends U.S. Deputy Marshal Piper McKay rushing back to the East Texas cattle ranch where she grew up.

Her grandmother, Jennie Layton, is near death from a crushed skull.


When local authorities claim the cause of the injury was an accident, Piper isn't convinced. Who wants Jennie dead? Is the reason connected to a dubious contract Piper finds in Jennie's desk?

Piper realizes her grandmother isn't the only one in danger when she barely escapes a deadly attack. Thrust into the middle of a high-stakes, high-risk shell game, Piper has become the target.

The case takes a bizarre turn when Piper unknowingly crosses paths with a Special Ranger. If he can't derail her investigation, it could cost him his life.

With millions of dollars on the line, nothing will stop a ring of cold-blooded killers, including the murders of a U.S. Marshal and a Special Ranger.

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