Messengers of Death!

They ride the night wind and hear the cries of the dead. Can they save the living and stop a serial killer? FBI Tracker Cat Morgan is about to find out.

Readers' Favorite Review

"Fast-paced and absorbing thriller. Dickason's plot is taut and unrolls beautifully. Will have serial killer mystery fans and paranormal urban fantasy junkies alike getting excited over a new series which has something for just about everyone. A compelling debut novel.”   

Book Viral Review

"A riveting high stake read. Sentinels Of The Night proves an edgy and notable debut for Dickason with the promise of more to come."

Readers' Favorite 2018 International Book Awards

Bronze Medal Winner

What links the two largest Texas Universities to the disappearance of Laredo ATF agent, Stuart Dyson? 


A chilling discovery raises Homeland Security’s threat level. Pressure mounts as the President demands answers. When a homicide detective and truckload of explosives disappear, FBI Tracker Adrian Dillard knows he’s out of time. There’s only one question left. Who dies next?

Riveting action thriller. Terrific dialogue, amazing intrigue and intense action keep you turning pages. Spirals to an explosive conclusion. Well-written. Excellent story!" 5 Stars—Readers’ Favorite

JFK Assassination Eyewitness is non-fiction and depicts the results of a cold case investigation of a 1966 motor vehicle fatality accident that killed a key witness to the Kennedy assassination.

An intricate scheme to kidnap the children of the most powerful politicians on Capitol Hill puts FBI Tracker Ryan Barr's life on the line. He's not backing down as drug cartels and terrorists line up to cash in.

Readers' Favorite Review

“Going Gone! is a political thriller. The shift in points of view is brilliant. The writing is remarkable, punctuated with powerful and emotionally charged scenes, awesome dialogues and intense action. Readers will find themselves engaged in the story from the opening paragraphs. Going Gone! is a page-turner, a story with well-developed literary elements. As the clock ticks down, the suspense was biting — all the time.” 

Book Viral Review

"A tight and convincing noir thriller that would transition well to wider mediums, Going Gone is a step change from Dickason’s Sentinels Of The Night and commendably stronger for it." 


"The plot is expertly handled and the writing is vivid and energetic with events unfolding in tightly focused chapters that take us to the crux of Dickason’s narrative and here again, she excels at ratcheting up the tension and developing well-nuanced characters."

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