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Not Dead

Paranormal Suspense

About the Book


"Creepy paranormal thriller with just enough dash of reality to make you read it with the lights on. Author Dickason uses her law enforcement background to infuse enough realism to propel the reader into the twisted world."

A small-town Texas cop who is haunted by his past.

A reporter who risks everything, even her life.

A kidnapping that crosses into an unearthly realm.


Focused on the abduction of four-year-old Mandy Norton, Chad Bishop, Meridian's Police Chief, ignores the twinges of foreboding triggered by an eerie fog that shrouds the town. What he can't ignore is the editor of the Tribune.


When Ashley Logan becomes embroiled in the search, nothing stops the hard-hitting, investigative reporter, including Chad's threats to throw her in jail. She's Mandy's aunt.

As the mystery of Mandy's disappearance deepens, unnerving details emerge that push them to the edge of reality. Chad refuses to believe they're connected to his past until the case turns deadly. He's forced is forced to face the terror that haunts him. It's waiting in the shadowy depths of the unearthly fog. This time it could cost him more than his sanity.

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