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The podcast series for the Who, What, Where, and Why of anything and everything that involves books.


Whether it is writing, publishing, marketing, promotions, distribution, or just about any other topic, there will be something of interest for authors and readers alike. The recommended read list highlights the latest books to hit the market.

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#9 – Inspiration: Plots & Characters 

            #1Navigating the complex issues  that it takes to publish a book requires an understanding of the multitude of options and the impact on the final product—An Author’s Published Book.

             #2 – Owning the manuscript does not always mean the author owns the published book. Two components can be a significant game-changer.

             #3 – What happens when the author hits the publish button for a print book? Where will it be sold, and how do the options affect an author’s royalty?

             #4 – A new mystery. Hidden, but in plain view, who are the mysterious Book Fairies?

           #6: eBook Distribution--How an author can tap into the eBook market and get their book on retail sites around the world.

           #7: Author Associations, An Author's Ally. Often overlooked, they provide an author with valuable resources and discounts.

            #8 – Editing: Tips to improve and polish your manuscript.

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              #5 – Advertising popcorn for an author. What is it? Bookmarks!