• Anita Dickason

Operation Navajo

I'm excited to announce the release of my latest FBI Tracker novel. I hope it piques your interest. Available in paperback and eBook, the hardback version is forthcoming.

"Whoever controls the flow of the supply of money, irrespective of whether it is fiat or gold currency, is the one to fear.

Apprehensive over a cryptic note left in his coat pocket, Frank Littleton’s phone call to the head of the FBI Tracker Unit at three in the morning has Scott Fleming rushing out the door. The clandestine meeting at a run-down diner leaves Scott holding a political time bomb when he discovers someone intends to assassinate Frank. He’s got to come up with a plan to protect the 2nd most powerful man in the government. Frank Littleton is the Federal Reserve Chairman. When a bizarre message, along with a baffling set of bank reports, is sent to the Tracker office, the urgency to find answers intensifies. Is the message, written in a decades-old code used by the Navajo Code Talkers in World War II, a communique from the dead? Who sent it? Why are the bank reports important? Are they linked to the imminent launch of the fiercely contested gold-backed currency? A new Tracker agent and financial crimes expert joins forces with an undercover Interpol agent. The case turns deadly when they infiltrate the inner sanctum of the Federal Reserve and become the target for an assassin’s bullet. Stalked by a killer, can they survive to stop the assassination and prevent a global financial cataclysm?"

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