The Dream Has Become a Reality 

   Independent Publishing has opened the

doors to all authors

Opportunities have never been greater for a writer to see their work in print. It does, however, result in an increased level of responsibility. An independent author must handle each step: editing, cover design, print or eBook layout, distribution, pricing, and marketing.


The author must be able to make informed decisions to ensure the success of his/her book. While this sounds easy, in reality it's a complicated, confusing process comprised of new terminology, procedures, and players. Print-on-Demand (POD), short-run print, eBooks, Kindle Direct Publishing, Nook, iBooks, IngramSpark, aggregators, distributors, editing, cover design, formatting and conversion, ePub, ISBN, copyright, discounts, and royalties are the world of the independent author.


Deciphering the flood of information on the pros and cons of each component is time-consuming. The result can be a trial and error approach detrimental to the successful publication of an author's book.

I would love to work with you. I can explain your options and develop a plan that takes you from manuscript to your published book.



Graphic Designs

Design of Print and eBook Cover

Interior Book Illustrations


Rack Cards

Business Cards


Manuscript Formatting

When designing your book, a critical decision is the typography of your interior content. Typography is the arrangement of the text on the page that encompasses several elements: fonts, tracking, kerning, line length and spacing. Typography is the key to the readability of the content and the number of pages. Page count impacts your print costs and royalties. Your book's interior content will be formatted to optimize your royalties and minimize your print costs.


Manuscript Conversion

The format of an eBook is different from the format for the print version. Your manuscript will be converted to print and eBook standards that will be upload ready.


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