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The Iris Code

FBI Tracker Novel, Book 5

About the Book


"The plot has endless twists and turns so you don’t see the ending until it hits you in the face.  With every page turn, I could see a different scenario and potential solution. It is a rare book that can keep you on the edge of your seat literally from page one to the end."

Each of the FBI Tracker Novels is a stand-alone, not a series. Though it will add to your reading enjoyment to start with the first one.

A local reporter and photographer’s canine search and rescue training at an abandoned farm outside of Fredericksburg, Texas, takes a bizarre twist. Riley Phillips’ dog, Milo, alerts on the real deal—a corpse with a bullet hole in his head.

Riley’s nose for news is already twitching over the gruesome discovery. When the body turns up missing, her spider senses kick into overdrive.

Who doesn’t want the man identified, and why? Are her crime scene photographs the only clue?

What Riley’s camera captured puts the FBI Tracker Unit on high alert, and Riley in a killer’s crosshairs. Learning the identity of the mystery man takes on an ominous urgency.

Can FBI Tracker Cody Lightfoot and Riley find the answer in time to stop a deadly attack? Or will they be the next victims?

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