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My novels are paranormal crime thrillers. As a reader, I have always been intrigued by characters with an extra edge for overcoming danger and adversity. The paranormal abilities for my characters are based on ancient myths of Native American Indians and Scottish and Irish folklore. And, twenty-two years with the Dallas Police Department has provided an unending source of inspiration for my plots.

I soon discovered writing a book was only the first step. Publishing became a new and challenging endeavor, one that evolved into an exciting new career.


I love to delve into any topic, writing, publishing, marketing, distribution, or anything else that sparks my interest, which led to my column, On The Hunt. My articles cover a wide range of topics.

I recently expanded into book reviews. And now I am, On The Hunt, searching for the hidden stars and finding them.


Be sure to check out my Gallery of Stars on the book review page along with my video gallery, and my articles from On The Hunt. Whether you are a reader or an author, you will find something of interest.


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Anita Dickason

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