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I write about what I know, cops and crime. After twenty-two years with the Dallas Police Department, I have an unending source of inspiration for my plots. Many incidents and characters are based on my experiences. My characters are what is truly fun about writing. I never know where they will take me. There is always something out of the ordinary in my stories.


The first book I published was about the death of a witness to the Kennedy assassination.

As with every author who has written a book, I soon discovered writing it was only the first step. Publishing became a new and challenging endeavor, one that evolved into an exciting new career.


​I love to delve into any topic, writing, publishing, marketing, distribution, or anything else that sparks my interest, which led to my column, On The Hunt. My articles cover a wide range of topics.


Working with other authors, led to my book reviews. My 4 and 5 star reviews are on my Gallery of Stars, a great place to find an exciting new book.

My Video Gallery is my latest addition. I'm not sure which I enjoy more, delving into the intricacies of a new plot and characters, or creating a fun video. 


Reader or author, you will find something of interest.


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Anita Dickason