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My Story

I write about what I know, cops and crime. After twenty-two years with the Dallas Police Department, I have an unending source of inspiration for my plots. Many incidents and characters are based on my experiences. My characters are what is truly fun about writing. I never know where they will take me. There is always something out of the ordinary in my stories.


I’ve been fortunate to have three very diverse and rewarding careers. The first was in the telecommunications industry, working for the Bell System, Atlantic Richfield, and Electronic Data Systems. After nearly twenty years, I chucked the lucrative paycheck, the high heels, business suits, and the ever-present briefcase for boots, a gun, and a badge. I took over a fifty percent pay cut to follow my dream of being a police officer. At the time, I was the oldest woman to graduate from the Dallas Police Academy—a decision I never regretted. I had a phenomenal twenty-two years with the department. I served as a patrol officer, undercover narcotics officer, advanced accident investigator, and tactical officer on the SWAT team, and the first female sniper.


When I retired, I had no idea something magical waited over the horizon. By a strange turn of events, another story for another day, I turned my sights to writing. It has become an all-consuming third career, bringing new challenges and an unbelievable level of joy each day. Writing has expanded my world in ways I never imagined.


As with every author who has written a book, I soon discovered writing one was only the first step. Publishing became a new and challenging endeavor, one that evolved into an exciting new career. My Author's World began to to expand. I learned a new craft, graphic design, which has evolved into videos to include two YouTube channels, artwork, book swag products, social media banners, and more. I am not sure which I enjoy more, writing or designing.


Thank you for visiting.

Anita Dickason

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