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I write about what I know, cops and crime. After twenty-two years with the Dallas Police Department, I have an unending source of inspiration for my plots. Many incidents and characters are based on my experiences. My characters are what is truly fun about writing. I never know where they will take me. There is always something out of the ordinary in my stories.


The first book I published was a non-fiction about the death of a famous witness to the Kennedy assassination. The book kickstarted a new career with seven fiction novels. And number #8 is on the way.


In my debut fiction novel, Sentinels of the Night, I introduced a new FBI unit, the elite of the elite--Trackers. I have since added, Going Gone!, Au79, and Operation Navajo. While each is a standalone, I do use a popular concept of a group of common characters. But in each novel, a different FBI Tracker takes center stage.  


With Not Dead, a paranormal suspense, and Deadly Business, a crime thriller, I stepped away from the Tracker novels.


In my latest project, the Tori Winters Mystery Series, I completely switched genres. A risk, but an exciting challenge, as it required a different style of writing. In all my previous books, the focus was on the crime and how the cops solved it. In Deadly Keepsakes, Book #1 of the series, the focus is on the characters and how the crime affects their lives. 


As with every author who has written a book, I soon discovered writing one was only the first step. Publishing became a new and challenging endeavor, one that evolved into an exciting new career. I learned a new craft, graphic design, which has evolved into videos to include two YouTube channels, artwork, book swag products, social media banners, and more. I am not sure which I enjoy more, writing or designing.


Thank you for visiting.

Anita Dickason

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